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2nd November 2017

Investing in our team – there’s nothing more important

Working Alone, and Why is BS 8484:2016 relevant?

BS 8484:2016 (The British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services) is the bench-mark for a credible lone worker solution in the United Kingdom. The standard is important for three key reasons:

  • It determines the category of Police response a lone worker receives. A BS8484 approved solution is escalated directly into the relevant control room one level higher than a 999 call. It’s a quicker process, and a guaranteed Police response for your workers where appropriate.
  • It gives a clear indication about whether or not, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) element of a solution is accredited to EN 50518 (The European Standard for Alarm Receiving Centres).
  • It indicates that a supplier is on a financial footing to successfully deliver your solution for the duration of a contract.
  • It indicates the level of training and support a provider delivers to a customer.

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