Remarketing & Disposal

As a part of our approach to providing whole lifecycle medical device maintenance, we offer all-encompassing disposal solutions for our clients, ensuring safe and innovative methods which comply with our client’s policies and WEEE regulations.

WEEE Disposal

We have established working partnerships with commercial waste management companies to ensure safe and compliant disposal of medical devices in accordance with WEEE Regulations. Devices deemed unsuitable for re-sale are destroyed to prevent unsafe re-use.

BCAS Biomed can manage your device decommissioning, decontamination, and all related procedures for removal of equipment to be scrapped. Upon completing WEEE disposal, we will provide a report and WEEE certificate identifying all equipment disposed through this route. Device disposal history is also recorded on HEMS, our asset management system software, to enable the full history of the device to be in one centralised location for future reference.

Equipment Re-Sale

Equipment that is safe and still usable, but has fallen out of line with your requirements or minimum spec (perhaps following a CAP, ARP or ESP ), can be re-marketed. We aim to help you recover initial investments by delivering profit share schemes upon successful re-sale.

We have rigorous measures in place to ensure compliance when re-marketing medical devices.

All equipment flagged for re-marketing is checked and decontaminated prior to removal from your site. As always, a full audit trail is made available by recording all work on HEMS. Any labels or client information are removed and destroyed.

Any equipment retaining patient data will be completely wiped and certified via Blancco.

Once equipment has been prepared for re-marketing, we then manage a fully auditable re-sale process, working with our commercial partners.

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