Social Value

BCAS Biomed are proud to lead a variety of Social Value initiatives as a part of our efforts to strengthen our Corporate Social Responsibility. Supporting and enhancing the environment and communities around us is a cornerstone of our company values.”

Here are just a few of the social value initiatives we have been involved in, to date:

  • Maintenance Support Partnership with Royal Star and Garter branches (Veteran Care Homes)
  • College and University Internship Opportunities/Partnerships
  • Ventilator Maintenance and Procurement Support for NHS Trusts during Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Maintenance Partnerships with Ambulance Services
  • Working towards 100% Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Fleet
  • Captain Tom’s 100 Foundation Fundraiser
  • Catastrophe Relief Fundraisers
  • Local Sports Team Partnerships

We aim to work with local partners where practicable and encourage local businesses with partnership suggestions to contact us at [email protected].

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