OEM Procurement

BCAS Biomed’s aim is to deliver full “in-house” capability, and we will work with the Trust and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure training needs and supply chain management are achieved as quickly as possible. This is the only way we can guarantee the level of support we want to deliver to our customers.
Over our 15+ years of experience, we have developed strong relationships with OEMs to provide the best vendor-neutral products and advice to our customers. We believe that being a vendor-neutral organisation, our clients can rely on us to negotiate on their behalf, taking into consideration their budget and patient safety and deliver completely independent solutions.

BCAS Biomed dedicate resources for engaging with OEMs – our objective is to bring a clearer understanding of our work whilst forging partnerships that benefit the manufacturer, the customer and ultimately the patient.

We will negotiate procurement guarantees with our key suppliers, ensure that they adopt the same quality standards (ISO 9001:2015) as we do as a company and that they comply with the highest safety standards. Through our auditing processes we continually monitor and measure the competence and compliance of the sub-contractor/OEM.

If they do not already form part of our approved supplier list, they will be required to complete our preferred suppliers PQQ to become an authorised supplier and an element of this is to ensure that they also have adequate risk management procedures in place.

We can advise customers on potential technical problems which may arise with a device (with regards to MHRA notices or AIR incident reports), which may affect procurement decisions, along with quality notices, which look at overall device quality and expected useful life cycle.

In addition, we consider potential distribution problems, and will draw up contingencies for alternative supply routes, suppliers, and couriers in the event of any disruption. We identify pinch points in the supply chain and discuss potential solutions with our partners, considering alternative supply routes for goods from OEMs or to the organisation, utilising different couriers as part of the contingency planning.

End User Training – BCAS Biomed works with each customer to identify their needs for front-line end user training, delivering a range of solutions to ensure the safe use of medical devices. Training options range from direct delivery by engineering resources, to application specialists and OEM support for more advanced equipment types.

BCAS Biomed Employee Training – BCAS Biomed recognises the importance of establishing a competent and qualified engineering team, where expertise in a range of modalities is vital to deliver a multi-vendor capability. The very nature of maintaining medical devices requires a very high level of technical competency, and by working with the equipment manufacturers we can obtain certified and qualified OEM training for our engineers, which also provides strong career development pathways.

Electronic Catalogue – Procurement – We are working with several of our clients to create electronic catalogues for medical devices and consumables that are specific to each organisation. This added value service provides savings above and beyond the contract value and delivers real benefits to end users in terms of ease for ordering, fast delivery, and efficient service.

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