Weekly Update – Asset Management Improvements

15th February 2019

In last week’s update we mentioned the integration of our improved cloud-based asset management system – HEMS II. This feature-rich system is designed specifically for healthcare.

With advanced reporting, dashboard capabilities and the ability to track asset status in real-time; HEMS II provides our customers with the information needed for clear insight on key performance indicators.

HEMS II enables regulatory compliance via advanced tracking and reporting features that address requirements of the Care Quality Commission and other regulatory bodies.

The system allows management of work requests from anywhere, using any device on any platform. The ability to access secure, real-time data on the go enables key decisions to be made quickly, improving the equipment management process and expediting the completion of work orders. Paperless and mobile processing of tasks, including digital signature capture, enables us to provide both environmental and user benefits, whilst also improving operational efficiency.

For more information on HEMS II, please contact us at [email protected].

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